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Minor swirls on seat leon
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Thread: Minor swirls on seat leon

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    Minor swirls on seat leon

    I need to remove some swirls from my black metalic cupra before polishing can anyone advise on products to use with a PC to correct the swirls and follow up products to obtain a fantastic deep wet looking finish?

    No products available so any items suggested will need to be purchased

    Also how do you mantain the finished finish?

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    firstly Vag paint is pretty damn tough, so removing the swirls isnt going to be easy.

    By the sounds of your post you are aiming to do a cure for once and for all detail and keep it that way.

    Have a ganders here:


    Quick list for you:

    two buckets, two lambs wool mitts, car shampoo
    clay kit
    Swirl remover - I use number 83
    a glaze or polish to smooth this out - speed glaze #80 or #7
    next a wax to top - on black natty's blue to pretty easy to use, I currently spit shine megs #16 using a four inch PC finishing pad.

    Then just wash weekly, and once a month give it a quick coat of megs quikwax.

    I did my main detail back in Feb, the car covers 250miles a week minimum, and it is still holding up very well

    Haven't gone into too much detail as the link should help, and dont want to confuse...


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    As mentioned VAG paint is very hard indeed. Meguiars #83 would be my choice from the Meguiars range, applied on a 4" cutting pad - use a 4" pad rather than a 6" as the smaller pads generate more heat and break the product down better and therefore cut better into the paint... Foolow the #83 with #80 to restore surface gloss and the #7 to add wettness to the shine.

    For VAG paint, I do favour the Menzerna line of polishes though (sorry Meguiars...) - the Intensive Polish for me is just that little bit better than #83 as it finishes to a nicer shine and it is possible to go straight to a sealent after IP. Again, use a 4" pad. If the swirls are more sever and Menzerna IP isn't removing them, then step up to Menzerna Power Gloss Compound on a 4" cutting pad. Always follow the Power Gloss with either Intensive Polish or Final Polish II to restore surface gloss after compounding. With Menzerna IP, spritz the pad with water regularly - this keeps the dust down and stops the product from curing to quickly, giving you extra time to work hte product into the paint.
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